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Better SEO for Advisors

By: Matt Peterson, President, Make It A Great Day, Inc.

Why pay for ‘On-Site’ Search Engine Optimization when it should be included as part of your website development process? Pay separately for ‘Off-Site’ backlinks.

SEO Tactics

Keywords in the Address Bar (URL)

A site with this kind of URL is not good for Search Engine Optimization.;S=161325

A site with this kind of URL is much better.

Keywords in your URL

Page Titles are Links

The combination of <h1> ‘tag’ page titles as a link really helps your SEO.
Hover over the ‘Better SEO Features’ title above and notice that it is a link that takes you back to the same page.

Page Title Tags

The keywords that show up your browser title and tabs are very important.
Page Title Tags

Primary Domain

301 Redirect: Google prefers that you only have one preferred (primary) domain.
Yes, even including or excluding the www.

This means…

  1. should resolve to >>
  2. should resolve to >>

XML Site Map

Once your website is ‘live’ at your domain, we will create & submit your XML Sitemap to Google, Yahoo, and Bing.
You can view your sitemap at

140+ Directories

Once your website is ‘live’ at your domain, we will submit your site to 140+ directories via

Site Description & Global Keywords

Sample of Effective Website Meta-data Description
[Our Company] is an independent, fee-only, wealth management firm providing investment management and financial planning for individuals, families, retirees, and business owners in the [LOCATION] area.
Simple SEO Component
We even have a component that dynamically creates the meta-data description for each sub-page by automatically pulling important keywords for that page.
Website Meta-data Description
Sample of Effective Website Meta-data Keywords
‘financial advisor Buffalo NY’,'financial advisor Amherst NY’,'financial advisor East Aurora NY’,'financial planning Buffalo NY’,'financial planning Amherst NY’,'financial planning East Aurora NY’,'Dimensional Funds Advisor Buffalo NY’,'Dimensional Funds Advisor Amherst NY’,'Dimensional Funds Advisor East Aurora NY’,'upper NY fee-only advisor’

Old Website URLs

404 Errors: When you upgrade your website, Google will likely still be showing the URL links from your old website. As it can take some time for Google Bots to index, harvest, and update the content of your new site.

This means…

Any old links like should resolve to >>

NOT a 404 Error message!

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